With Hearite, Hearing Care Professionals Have Tools To Thrive & Better Serve Their Communities!

Make a greater impact in the lives of the hearing impaired community – those you serve and care for. At Hearite we offer more than premium hearing aids to our patients. We also offer marketing and practice support for others in the Auidology Hearing Aid Dispensing profession.  If you’d like a dependable partner to help you grow your practice we’d like to hear from you. We offer Web Design and Partnership Advertising as well as partnerships under the Hearite Brand.  If you’re looking to expand your online presence through Search Engine Optimazation (SEO) support, please follow the link to AudSEO to get the best of SEO support by local experts here in the valley.  If you’re looking to sell or buy a practice we’d also like to hear from you. Elite Hearing Network members can do great things together! 

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