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As part of this years Better Hearing Event, we’re offering FREE instrument demonstrations to all participants plus exceptional limited-time promotions including 50% off and upgrade offers. Better hearing is easy with these online exclusive offers!  WALK IN & WALK OUT in just 1-HOUR with the best instrument brands represented and set for your listening pleasure. You’ll be amazed at all you’ve been missing! Make life a little easier for yourself & your loved ones schedule your FREE hearing screening today!

Offers end: March 31, 2020

In Arizona Call: (480) 899-6819

Better Hearing Event

For a Limited-time select instruments & ALL wireless accessories are Buy One Get One 50% OFF!

In Arizona Call: (480) 899-6819

Hearing 50% off coupon

Hearing Test

Hearing aid discounts and buy one get one 50% off promotion good toward future purchases. Previous purchases excluded.

In Arizona Call: (480) 899-6819

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We understand fitting the proper hearing instrument for your needs and budget will decide your success in this important decision. Hearing aid discount contracts & insurance benefit plans can be a great way to save money. Our specialists investigate all possibilities of discount programs, plus insurance benefit plans, then listen to your specific needs to help you along the decision process. We guarantee to provide the best instrument for your needs and budget.

Hearing without limitations is the right way.

The Hearite Way!

Mission Statement: We commit to serve the hearing impaired and provide the very best hearing care available. We offer our patients exceptional programming and fitting services, professional advice, and the most advanced technologies available. Our ultimate goal is to improve the lives of each of our patients with a superior quality and ability to hear. We commit to improve our patients hearing care experience, no matter the effort required. We dedicate our expertise to the hearing impaired community. We’re YOUR caring professionals – ALWAYS here for YOU!