Fast Hearing Aid Repairs

Whether Phonak, Unitron, Starkey, Microtech, Siemens, Rexton, Resound, Beltone, Widex, Oticon, Zounds, or Miracle Ear . . . We Repair ALL Hearing Aids.  

We Keep You Hearing At Your BEST for LESS!

Call for a complimentary adjustment plus “Clean & Check.” If this FREE service doesn’t have you hearing better, a hearing aid repair may be necessary. With same-day repairs from $40 we’ll get you in, out and on your way with better hearing TODAY!
In the rare case of extensive damage we’ll order an overhaul of the aid(s) from the Manufacturer or All-Make Repair Lab, which includes a 6-12 month warranty.  Call or visit for your free quote!

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Also available: 

  • FREE loaner hearing aids with each repair
  • Affordable extended warranty options.


Here are FREE or low-cost hearing aid repair solution:

                        EAR BUDS

Due to wax we routinely replace FREE of charge.

              UPGRADE RECEIVER
Hearing Aid Receiver

Old hearing aids work like new again with this simple replacement part!

                    SOUND TUBE

Due to cracks or pinching we routinely replace FREE of charge.

Can you answer “Yes” to any of the below questions?

  • Aid works for awhile, then quit for no reason.
  • Aid is weaker in the afternoon.
  • You hear a crackling sound from the aid.
  • Volume control works intermittently.
  • Aid is frequently whistling.
  • Aid works intermittently.
  • Battery door keeps coming off.
  • Aid has a constant hum or noise.
  • Plugged up feeling when wearing aid.

If you experience any of these problems, rest assured our skilled technicians will perform a thorough diagnostics & a complete repair.

We WILL fix your hearing aid!

Hearing without limitations is the right way.

“The Hearite Way!”

Mission Statement: We commit to serve the hearing impaired and provide the very best hearing care available. We offer our patients exceptional programming and fitting services, professional advice, and the most advanced technologies available. Our ultimate goal is to improve the lives of each of our patients with a superior quality and ability to hear. We commit to improve our patients hearing care experience, no matter the effort required. We dedicate our expertise to the hearing impaired community. We’re YOUR caring professionals – ALWAYS here for YOU!

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