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Hearing aids aren’t the only way of improving hearing today. Call to discover the many listening devices Hearite has to offer.  Let’s help you sort through which Ear Molds, Bluetooth Wireless TV Headphones, Amplified Phones, Batteries, Apps and more may best to meet your needs & budget.

When visiting Hearite you may REGAIN lost performance from your existing aids with minimal or no additional cost. For instance, why repurchase hearing aids when you can enhance your existing instruments? Many hearing instruments, especially the behind the ear type, have potential to be upgraded. Part of the aid, known as the receiver, is a simple and effective upgrade-part that can be fitted to most instruments. This single part can have a profound impact on performance and longevity.

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Hearing Aid Accessories to Enhance Your Satisfaction

Remote Control Details:resound-accessories

  • Mute button allows you to hear only the audio you desire when surrounding noise becomes too loud
  • Adjustable microphone and audio streaming balance helps to keep all the sounds you hear at comfortable volume levels
  • Color display with easy-to-read icons that indicate which program is in use, your current volume level and how much battery life is left in the remote control
  • Rechargeable batteries

Television Link Details:

  • The TV Link 2 is able to connect to almost any TV, including the newest models.
  • Dolby® Digital conversion helps ensure compatibility of the TV Link with any type of audio signal from the TV.
  • The delay adjustment function helps synchronize audio and video for the best TV viewing experience.

Wireless Mic Link Details:

  • Easy to us volume control and on/off switch
  • Built-in microphone captures audio from a desired source up to 23 feet away, and streams it directly to your hearing aids
  • Mini-jack allows connection to radio and MP3 players
  • Rechargeable battery

Phone Bluetooth Accessory Details:

  • Offers strong, feedback-free speech
  • Mute and Program buttons offer a convenient way to control basic hearing aid functions
  • Dual microphones and a noise-reduction feature help make speech easier to understand even in noisy situations
  • Ability to pair with two separate phones

ZPower Battery Recharger Details:

  • Quick charge time
  • Charges both hearing aids simultaneously
  • Conserves battery waste and preserves power


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ALL BATTERY TYPES: Batteries for every hearing aid on the market. Join our Battery Club for 25% savings!

BTE UPGRADE RECEIVER: Help your old hearing aid works like new again with this simple replacement part!

DIRECT LINE ACCESSORIES: Enhance clarity and make listening a pleasure with these amazing accessories!

Hearing Protection for Pilots, Musicians, Hunters, Swimmers, & more!

With the proper hearing protection, one third of hearing loss can be prevented. We offer a complete line of custom fit hearing protection.

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We’ll analyze your ear structure, and custom design an earmold to obtain a perfect fit. This allows for a more enjoyable & comfortable fitting experience. The earmold is constructed to match your ear. It create an acoustic seal, which enhances what you want to hear, and decreases the unwanted noise.

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Mission Statement: We commit to serve the hearing impaired and provide the very best hearing care available. We offer our patients exceptional programming and fitting services, professional advice, and the most advanced technologies available. Our ultimate goal is to improve the lives of each of our patients with a superior quality and ability to hear. We commit to improve our patients hearing care experience, no matter the effort required. We dedicate our expertise to the hearing impaired community. We’re YOUR caring professionals – ALWAYS here for YOU!

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