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In-Home Audiology

To assist our patients with COVID 19 precautions, we’re providing afternoon house calls. Your Hearite professionals are prepared to come to your home and consult with you on the spot. For your convenience, we’re also providing drive-up services. Simply text or call from an available parking space and we’ll retrieve your instruments for service.

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(480) 899-6819

Through house-calls, we provide many of the same professional services while in the comfort of your own home. From testing, adjustments, wax management, instrument trials and even repairs…all bases are covered with our mobile care.

Area in-home Audiology is available:

House Calls are available within the following area. Fees may apply.

Is it hearing loss or simply earwax? Know for certain BEFORE investing in hearing aids. Follow along on a fiber-optic digital viewer as we examine and even remove wax from your ears. Once we know for certain wax is NOT the culprit, we’ll perform a complete audiometric test. As a pretest, and if you’ve been cleared of ear wax prior to our visit, you may also run a self-administered Online Hearing Test here.

In-home Audiology at it’s best.

Or if you prefer in office care, simply Click Here to schedule an appointment with a local hearing care professional at your Hearite office.

Mission Statement:
At Hearite, we provide the best hearing care available by offer our patients exceptional programming and fitting services, professional advice, and the most advanced technologies available. No matter the effort required, we dedicate our time and expertise to the hearing impaired. Hearing without limitations is the right way…the Hearite way!

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