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Online Hearing Check vs. Audiology Exam

Is it hearing loss or simply earwax? Know for certain BEFORE investing in hearing aids!

While a simple online hearing check can offer small clues about your hearing, an online hearing check is no substitute for a real hearing test. It is ALWAYS advisable to obtain a more in-depth hearing test from your local hearing care professional. Medical conditions to earwax may be discovered with a proper exam.  We start with a FREE fiber-optic video ear inspection so you may see for yourself if earwax is the culprit. Next, we’ll go through a series of audiometric testing using state-of-the-art audiometers and sound-booths. Finally, your hearing care professional will interpret your audiogram, compare the results to those of your peers and offer accurate solutions, if appropriate. 

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Know the Warning Signs of Hearing Loss.

  1. Difficulty hearing in noisy situations.
  2. Difficulty with women & children’s voices.
  3. Asking people to repeat themselves.
  4. TV or Phone volume set too high.

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