Online Hearing Test

Online vs In-Office Testing

Is it hearing loss or simply earwax? Know for certain BEFORE investing in hearing aids!

While an online hearing test can offer important clues about your hearing, it’s no substitute for a professional examination. Doctors recommend an in-depth audiological exam annually. Urgent medical conditions, to earwax, may be discovered with a professional exam.

As your Hearite professionals, we start with a FREE fiber-optic video ear inspection so you may see for yourself if earwax is the culprit. Next, we’ll go through a series of audiometric tests using state-of-the-art audiometers and sound-booths. Finally, we interpret your audiogram, compare the results to those of your peers and offer accurate solutions.

Click Here to schedule an appointment with your local hearing care professional. Or begin your Online Hearing Check below. Click on the image of the audio headset or device you’ll be listening to. Further instructions will follow. Either headset listening option is ideal, but if neither are available, select “device” audio (speaker image). Happy hearing!

Professional audiology office equipment