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At Hearite, our goal is to provide hearing so natural, listening is a pleasure again— wherever you go. Our hearing aids are designed to make listing comfortable and easy.  Along with our Elite Hearing Network, we’re leading the way to better hearing in Arizona, across the United States & beyond.

Free 2018 Hearing Aid Guide & Free Trial – ALL Brands!

Our team of professionals fit advanced hearing care solutions from manufacturers such as PHONAK, UNITRON, STARKEY, MICROTECH, SIEMENS, REXTON, RESOUND, INTERTON, WIDEX, OTICON and more. No matter the make & model, we have exactly what you’re looking for! Ask about our free 2018 Hearing Aid Guide & Free Trial for ALL Brands of hearing aids!

Whether you’re considering a hearing evaluation or seeking services for your existing hearing aids, we invite you to experience our complimentary hearing screening and consultation. 

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Why Hearite?

  • Elite Hearing Network
  • ALL Makes & Models
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • A+ w/ Better Business Bureau
  • Free Hearing Aid Clean & Checks
  • Free Annual Hearing Exams
  • Trials of Latest Technologies
  • 90-day Trial-Exchanges
  • For Over 30 YEARS!

We’ve all heard the phrase good things come in small packages. It applies very well to today’s hearing aids. Twenty-first century hearing aids are so small, they’re virtually undetectable when worn. The delicate inner workings of custom hearing aids are contained in coverings known as shells. Shells come in variety of styles, sizes, shapes and colors to better fit the user’s hearing loss, life style and cosmetic needs.

Сustomer Support

In-the-Canal (ITC & ITE) hearing aids

ITC and the larger ITE hearing aids fit into the external part of the ear and are custom-made to fit the contours of your ear. Appealing shell styles combine improved cosmetics with optimal power and sound quality. LEARN MORE

Сustomer Support

Behind-the-Ear (BTE & RIE/RIC) hearing aids

These hearing aids are housed in a small curved case which fits behind the ear. A thin transparent tube or receiver is inserted directly into the ear canal. Because very little is in the canal this greatly reduces the “plugged up” sensation associated with some hearing aids. This type of hearing aid is also called “open fit” since your ear canal is left open. LEARN MORE


Completely-In-Canal (CIC & IIC) hearing aids

These virtually invisible hearing aids fit directly into the ear canal and are custom-made to fit the contours of your canal. These appealing shell styles combine improved cosmetics with very natural sound quality. The hidden design also performs well for outdoor activities since the microphone is sheltered within the canal from wind noise. LEARN MORE

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