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Our hearing aids come with local fitting by a licensed hearing healthcare professional. The hearing care provider will make sure fit and sound quality are correct to ensure satisfaction.

Purchasing hearing aids is one of the main solutions to help with hearing loss but there could be big problems with purchasing them. A majority of hearing aid providers, audiology practices, and ENTs tend to price hearing aids at unaffordable amounts. On average, the cost of hearing aids are upwards of $6000! 

We believe buying hearing aids shouldn’t break the bank. It should be an exciting time for you and for your family. One way of avoiding the stress is to purchase online from a licensed professional. Hearing aids have evolved to allow us to remote program hearing aids, meaning minor adjustments can be made from anywhere by your professional which saves on your valuable time. 

Best Price Guarantee
At Hearite, we promise that we will always provide our customers with the best prices on the top brands of hearing aids. Regaining your hearing should not cost a fortune, and we stand by that belief. We work hard to provide you with the best prices on all of the best hearing aid brands including Siemens, Widex, GN ReSound, and more!

Because we provide high-quality hearing aids to customers all around the world, we can cut our prices and allow you to save 50 to 70 percent compared to local providers! We are always staying up to date on current retail and wholesale pricing, meaning that we will always provide you with the best prices.

Not sure if we can actually offer you the lowest prices on the top brand of hearing aids? We have a Best Price Guarantee and will beat any price if you find hearing aids at a better offer! If you find hearing aids that we offer at a lower price, contact us or fill out our “Price Beat” form below!

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