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Hearing Without Limitations...
It's The Hearite Way.

A 40-Year Tradition

Founded as Advanced Hearing in 1978, we've maintained a foundation of hearing care excellence for the hearing impaired community. Our unrelenting quality of care and attention to detail have been our hallmark throughout our years.

We believe in winning formulas from our past, while embracing cutting edge technologies and advancements for the future. In fact, after 4-decades we're still providing the same excellence of care from our original facility in Chandler AZ. Turning to the future, we've embraced TeleCare and other technologies, which add to our patient's safety and convenience.

We care deeply for the hearing impaired community. You could say, we at Hearite "Have Heart," which shows through our volunteer work with the Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation. For years we've provided countless hours of professional service as well as hearing aids for the needy. Our satisfaction come from the warm smiles of the hearing impaired and their relieved family members.

Our past, future, and our heart have created The Hearite Way of doing business. It's hearing without the limitations. The Hearite Way is the formula to Hear Right and Live Right.

Since our early days we've worked with the best Audiologist and Hearing Specialists in the industry. As an audiology hub for the hearing impaired, we specialize in exceptional hearing aid fittings, followup support & hearing aid repairs. We enjoy the fact that our satisfied customers can be found from all parts of the globe. From Canada to California, China to Lebanon; we're crossing boarders to bring affordable hearing care everywhere. Hearing without limitations is the right way...The Hearite Way!


Hearite, Plus Elite Hearing Network...Your Nationwide Network of Audiologists & Hearing Instrument Specialists.

Qualifying hearing aids come with a network of aftercare from professionals around the country.  The Elite Hearing Network's professionals include audiologist and hearing instrument specialists from coast to coast. We know you’re looking for the best hearing solutions, and we have exactly what you’re looking for.  We have you covered with only the best service, products, prices, & satisfaction guaranteed! We care about your hearing health and want to give you a lifetime of support and aftercare.  For as long as you own your hearing aids, our follow-up care program has you covered. Our follow-up care includes complimentary online instruction/tips and online or phone support.

At Hearite, our goal is to provide hearing so natural, listening's a pleasure again — wherever you go. The best way to save thousands of dollars on hearing aids is to buy them online from us!  With the advanced tools provided by the manufacturers, we're able to adjust most hearing aids remotely.  This allows real-time adjustments with your Hearite specialist, saving you both time and money.


Big Brands & Big Savings

 No matter the make and model, we have exactly what you’re looking for. We carry major brands including: PHONAK, WIDEX, RESOUND, UNITRON, SIGNIA, STARKEY, and OTICON. We guarantee the proper fit, plus the maximum benefit of your new hearing aids. Purchasing hearing aids online allows you to skip the line at the local clinic and frees up your precious time to do the things you enjoy doing!  

At Hearite we’re always listening to and delivering on your hearing care needs! We utilize teams of Audiologists from each manufacturer, whose goal is to ensure your ultimate satisfaction with the fitted instrument(s).  Audiologists are health care professionals trained to evaluate hearing loss and related disorders, including balance (vestibular) disorders and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Most Audiologists are skilled across a variety of hearing aid technologies, plus normal and abnormal conditions of the ear.  We're in regular communication with these highly trained and specialized teams to guarantee your best hearing results. With Hearite, you’ll experience professional teams, an extensive hearing aid selection, unbeatable prices and the ultimate in warranty. With Hearite, not only do you have access to leading manufacturers worldwide, you also have purchasing power so they'll compete. As a result, our savings become your savings too!

Why hear right w/Hearite?

  • Elite Hearing Network
  • ALL Makes & Models
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • A+ w/ Better Business Bureau
  • Free User Video Library
  • Free Annual Hearing Exams
  • Trials of Latest Technologies
  • 90-day Trial-Exchanges
  • For Over 40 YEARS!