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2024 Hearing Aids: Best Prices, Reviews, Types, Features, Buyers Guide


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We've held a steady record of providing quality hearing care over the years. We specialize in exceptional sales, support, and repairs of name-brand hearing aids. With satisfied customers from Arizona to Toronto. We're crossing borders to bring affordable hearing care everywhere. Hearing without limitations is the right way . . . The Hearite Way!

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Whether purchasing hearing aids online or in person, your Hearite professionals provide the best hearing solution possible. They'll help you sort the types, features, prices, and reviews of leading hearing aids brands. Compare PHONAK, WIDEX, RESOUND, UNITRON, SIGNIA, STARKEY, and OTICON. We offer convenience in your hearing aid purchase, with online hearing testing, financing, and instruments programmed and delivered directly to your home. Plus, our products and services are a fraction of the cost of traditional practices. We Guarantee TOTAL Hearing Aid Satisfaction Begin with our Free Online Hearing Test.


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There's never been a better time to consider the online hearing aid shopping experience developed through Hearite. Over-The-Counter (OTC) hearing devices have been around for decades in the form of Personal Sound Amplifiers (PSAP's), yet technology has only recently allowed for a better listening experience. With modern Over-The-Counter or Direct-To-Consumer Hearing Aids, improvements in fitting & sound quality, an array of features such as Bluetooth wireless, directional mics, whistle block, and TeleCare (remote tuning from your own home), We Guarantee To Deliver Exceptional Hearing.


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2023 Hearing Aids: Best Prices, Reviews, Types, Features
The Hearite Way is our innovative process to bring hearing care to you. Your time and safety are of utmost importance. Our process utilizes the best audiologists and top hearing aids from the worlds leading hearing aid manufactures. Not only will our process save you time and improve your safety, but it will also save you money. You may expect to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars with The Hearite Way. All of this is possible by placing YOU front and center in this simplified selection process. To begin this simplified process Create An Account. Then Download Your Hearing Test  or complete our Free Online Hearing Test. Next, contact our customer service for guidance as you focus-in or select the best solution for your needs. Once the selection is made, your Hearite Hearing Care Professional will program the instrument for your hearing loss. The hearing aids will be delivered to your door days later and your Hearite Support Team will counsel you on use, features and expectations. With advanced telecare tools provided by manufacturers, we're able to adjust most hearing aids remotely. This allows for real-time adjustments with your Hearite Hearing Care Professional wherever you go. Purchasing hearing aids online allows you to skip the line at the local clinic and frees up your precious time to do the things you enjoy doing! It's that simple. It's easy to Hearite!

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