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Is it Time to Start Listening When You Can No Longer Hear?

on February 25, 2021

For many people who suffer hearing loss, finding ways to work around the issue becomes part of everyday life. Turning the TV up to full volume, guessing at what others are saying or avoiding conversations altogether are common coping mechanisms.

The problem is, avoiding seeking help for hearing loss is unhealthy in several ways. First and foremost, you are obviously suffering from an undiagnosed hearing condition. Second, hearing loss is a barrier to effective communication and can put a strain on relationships.

Fear of Hearing Aids
At Hometown Hearing, we understand that many of our patients are reluctant to wear a hearing aid. There is a perceived stigma about devices that are visible and indicate a disability.

It is for these reasons that hearing aid manufacturers are focused on advanced technologies and creating devices that are less visible. Hometown Hearing patients can benefit from hearing aids that are individualized to the user. For those who value aesthetics, there are even devices that are stylish and fashionable.

Advanced Technologies in Hearing Aids
Did you know that some newer models of hearing aid are Bluetooth enabled? Patients can interact directly with external devices such as smart TVs and cell phones. The sound quality transmitted through these advanced electronic devices is crisp and clear.

If you have issues hearing normal conversation or devices that are set to a reasonable volume, you may be experiencing hearing loss. The process can happen slowly or come on suddenly after an accident or illness that affects the cochlea or any other anatomical feature that controls hearing.

To learn more about the benefits of new and improved hearing aids, reach out to the specialists at Hometown Hearing. We look forward to helping you living a fuller and happier life.