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LUV-i Hearing Aids (Invisible) -
LUV-i Hearing Aids (Invisible) -
LUV-i Hearing Aids (Invisible) -

    LUV-i Hearing Aids (Invisible)

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    LUV-i (Invisible) Hearing Aid - Digital Hearing Aid - Buy One Get the Second Ear Free!


    • EASY TO USE – A simple hearing aid with an easy to use volume wheel
    • MILD TO MODERATE HEARING LOSS - Best hearing aid for mild to moderate hearing loss with a 40dB peak gain. 
    • ADAPTABLE SOUND - Includes 3 amplifying settings for different listening environments and selectively amplifies human voices so you don’t miss a word
    • SMALL AND COMPACT - A small hearing aid to give you all day comfort. Weighing only 3 g, you’ll forget you’re wearing it.
    • SUPERIOR SOUND - Digital hearing aid sound quality and clarity with no whistling 
    • QUALITY HEARING AIDS WE STAND BEHIND - 1-Year Warranty, 45-Day Trial Period

    Quality Hearing Aids We Stand Behind

    45 days trial period

    45-Day Trial Period


    1-Year Warranty

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    A Simple Hearing Aid That Works Well and Saves You Thousands

    Our affordable hearing aid that helps most people with hearing loss.

    Keeping It Simple and Affordable

    The LUV-E hearing aids are a simple hearing aid that gives you clear, crisp sound.

    Easy to Use Hearing Aid

    Ideal for first time hearing aid users

    Audiologist Designed for Most Common Natural Hearing Loss Needs

    If you have difficulty distinguishing 'boy' from 'toy', this hearing aid may be for you.

    Audiologists understand that the majority of hearing needs are similar.

    •  Boosts high-frequency sound
    •  Improves conversations
    •  Adaptive feedback canceling
    •  35 dB peak sound gains provides amplification for mild to moderate hearing loss

    Worry-Free High-Quality Hearing Aids

    Includes a 45-day trial

    Not sure if the LUV-i Hearing Aid is right for you? No problem, simply use our 45-day risk-free trial and get a full refund if it doesn't meet your hearing needs.
    RATED A+
    Hearite Hearing Aids BBB Business Review